Schulkamp Rechtsanwälte is a business law firm that specialises in property law, private construction and architecture law, commercial and company law, insurance law, as well as general civil and liability law. We provide our clients with comprehensive advice in these areas, and undertake forensic work throughout Germany to their benefit.


This includes legal support for the client when purchasing, using and marketing property. We assist investors in finding suitable properties and locations, and answer queries concerning the foundation of property holding and investment companies. We draft and check all contracts associated with the purchase, use and sale of properties, particularly purchase, rental and tenancy agreements, leasing agreements, and administrator and facility management contracts.


We advise and represent builders, contractors, sub-contractors and architects in all matters of private construction and architecture law.

We support our clients throughout all phases of the construction project, from drafting and checking of contracts, to legal advice during construction, to assertion of or defence against claims in court. We draft and check building
contracts, sub-contractor agreements, general transfer contracts, general contractor agreements, developer contracts, and architect, engineer and project management contracts. During the construction phase, we support our clients primarily in matters of disruptions to the building process as well as follow-up management, and guide them through complex cases of construction damage. In the event of disputes in court, we represent our clients in asserting and defending against all claims ­­– particularly remuneration, warranty and compensation claims – throughout Germany. Our consulting service also encompasses matters of liability and insurance law.


We advise and represent companies of all legal forms, their owners and their members of executive and
supervisory bodies comprehensively in all matters of company law.

This includes drafting and checking company agreements, shareholder agreements and employee participation programmes, among other tasks. In addition, we have many years of experience in managing disputes under company law, including liability proceedings and links to insurance law (D&O insurance).Another of our areas of work is commercial agent and brokering law, as well as sales and franchise law.

We provide advice and undertake forensic work throughout Germany in this field.


We advise and represent insurance companies and their policyholders.

This primarily applies to defence against liability claims, particularly in the field of public and professional liability, including liability of executive bodies (D&O insurance). In addition, we work throughout Germany to assist our clients in recourse proceedings in the fields of property insurance law and fidelity damage law.


We advise and represent our clients in the field of general contract law.

This includes law governing special contractual undertakings such as purchase, rental and loan agreements and service and works contracts, as well as law governing general terms and conditions of business. We draft and check contracts and assist our clients in asserting and defending against claims. This includes debt recovery and creditor representation in the event of insolvency. Another area of focus for our work is liability cases based on tort and producer liability, including with links to insurance law.